Friday, 8 July 2011

The Iron Lady

Just a few hours after watching The Devil Wears Prada (for maybe the fifth time), I happened to notice this, a newly-released teaser for Meryl Streep's next film...

As the clip suggests, The Iron Lady is a horror about a child-catcher, (Streep) who dons a latex face and puts on an unintelligible posh English voice in order to attend to avoid detection. The film is said to draw inspiration from Roald Dahl's classic book The Witches.

It is the latest in a now massive genre of British cinema about British people who cannot speak very good, the most recent example of which was last year's The King's Speech, but whose roots it has been suggested lie in any film starring Hugh G-G-Grant. The Iron Lady looks set to be Meryl Streep's biggest commercial success since 2008's gritty kitchen sink drama Mamma Mia! in which she played an embarrassing, dress-young single mum who does not know who the father of her child is and who doesn't give a shit, discarding any sense of responsibility to her children by getting pissed most days and singing ABBA. The film was loosely based on the Channel 4 series Shameless, a documentary about what it's like to live anywhere north of Derby.

The Iron Lady will also star the farmer from Babe as well as that actor who often plays grey-suited political advisors in these sorts of films, both playing grey-suited political advisors.

The film was due to be released later on this year, but Fox have brought the release date forward to Monday to give its employees at the News of the World something to do next week during their first week off work.

Meryl Streep in role as Margaret Thatcher
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